How many types of backlinks are there? (+Best backlinking websites)

Without a doubt, backlinks are the most frequently used elements we can see on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines, such as the ones belonging to Google or Firefox. Google’s ranking algorithms have a special favor to all types of backlinks in SEO, so the writers need to learn about them constantly.

Do you know all the backlink types you can use for your SEO content? How should we take them correctly? This complete article is going to answer these questions for you;

  • How many types of backlinks do we have?
  • All types of backlinks in SEO and how they work
  • The best backlinking websites on the internet

How many types of backlinks are there?

As you open your web browser and surf for a while on the strong waves of the global network, you are unintentionally bombarded with different types of backlinks of various shapes and purposes. Keeping ourselves from online backlinks seems unfeasible these days, so we have no choice but to learn what they have in their hearts.ue

Whether a giant website or a local online store, you need to be relatively professional in understanding different types of backlinks, how they work, and how to hire them efficiently for our texts. The following paragraphs here will tell you more about them!!!

types of backlinks

What are the best types of backlinks?

To consider a backlink as the best one, you need to review some factors involved in the final value;

  1. Authority of the linking website

You should severely pay attention to the authority of the website from which you gain a backlink. The more valuable or well recognized the website is, the better ranking the signal search engine bots will give you.

  1. On-Site link location

The final effect of a backlink is just limited to the authority but also the location you let it stand. As a result, if a backlink to your website is placed in one of the areas easily noticeable by the readers, you can reap more benefits from it for your website.

  1. Do-follow or No-follow, which one?

The do-follow and no-follow folders are the main categories for different types of backlinks in SEO. While do-follow backlinks prompt search engines to crawl and index web pages to add more SEO value, no-follow ones signal search engines to ignore them, bringing less or no SEO value.

  1. The comparison between rel=sponsored and rel=ugc backlinks

Google has recently added two more major categories to the world of backlinks. Those links with the rel=sponsored feature are recommended when linking back to sites related to monetary intent. On the other hand, rel=ugc backlinks should be used for user-generating purposes. In my opinion, no other rel attribute matches the strength of a do-follow link. Hence, a do-follow backlink is preferred to reach the maximum possible search results.

Right at the moment, guest posting backlinks and natural backlinks are the best and safest types of backlinks you can find on the planet. However, other backlink types can also be valuable in the correct times and places.

Which types of backlinks should you avoid seriously?

  1. Paid backlinks

There is no need to pay money for buying backlinks from black hat guys. According to Google, their search engines are designed to look at your site’s value based on how well it has been liked by other natural and earned sites, not the amount of cash you for the backlink types, which could be even useless.

  1. Low-quality or irrelevant backlinks

Using several types of backlinks in SEO that are extracted from profiles in directories that aren’t trusted or well-regarded is not a good idea. Furthermore, using irrelevant backlinks in your SEO content will harm your handwork as well as reduce your loyal readers.

  1. Backlinks in press releases which are rubbish

You may start thinking about creating press releases to get backlinks but believe this is not the solution for your SEO issue. In fact, this action will ruin your SEO as a disaster because this practice is considered to create spam, which the users do not favor.

  1. Low-quality forum backlinks

The new world of the internet is full of spam websites and forums, which are accompanied by poisonous types of backlinks. People who try to spam these areas with links may not get the desired results.

Types of backlinks in SEO and how they work

Since we get a general picture of different types of backlinks in SEO, it is better to come out of our shelter and scan the area. Here, we are ready to fully explain all 15 backlink types you can benefit from in your SEO writings;

  1. Guest blogging backlinks

Maybe one of the best types of backlinks in the world, guest blogging backlinks nowadays can do something bigger than their name. When sending guest posts to established websites, you can also expect an editorial hyperlink to your site. Never forget to keep the guest blogging backlinks as a part of your SEO plan, which you will hear more about them in the future.

types of backlinks
  1. Backlinks from Webinars

Webinars are usually cost-effective and precious, and also they can provide helpful information for sites to link to. Most of the time, websites put webinars on their pages to link to your agency or company and mention what your company does. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to have any types of backlinks you think are essential for your business.

  1. Badge Backlinks

The philosophy of creating a badge to be awarded to other companies as acknowledgment for their position or performance in some way is an intelligent approach for creating different backlink types. Once these websites display the emblem on their websites, you will receive a link back to your website.

  1. Backlinks derived from press releases

We already said that backlinks that come from press releases could be harmful to your SEO work. The statement is true for most cases, but you can use these types of backlinks in SEO if the source you choose is one of the best backlinking websites. When your brand has a newsworthy announcement to make, putting out a press release can play a role as a foundation for your PR and marketing tactics while also producing backlinks from publications.

  1. Editorial Backlinks

An editorial backlink is usually formed when your content, such as an article or recommendation, is mentioned as the source of specific information on a topic from a different website. If you want these types of backlinks, you need to constantly generate evergreen content to keep your position as a thought leader and your web pages as a source of reference.

  1. Low-quality or irrelevant directory links

Since we can use different types of backlinks to improve your SEO content, you don’t need to even think about creating profiles in directories. As a kind of time-consuming and useless method, directories (especially those irrelevant ones) are not trustworthy and respected, and they can be viewed as spam and harm your SEO efforts.

  1. Paid links

Usually, a happy SEO writer doesn’t need a paid backlink for their website traffic promotion. In fact, Google warns that buying and selling links can negatively affect a site’s placement in search rankings. However, if something really tickles you, spend some cash, and make sure the amount of money you pay and the level of received benefit match.

  1. Natural Backlinks

The users intentionally create natural backlinks, and no agency or company has been involved in the process. If you are crazy for these types of backlinks, take note that you “have to” provide evergreen and fresh content for the audience so that they deserve you for getting such a thing.

  1. Comment Backlinks

As one of the most frequently used backlink types on the internet, it is useful for chat rooms or communities with high audiences. When you comment on an article on a website, you are generally permitted to provide a link back to your own web pages. Spammers frequently exploit this, which may be used to establish wrong links, but it can be a nice way of increasing your traffic if you post those genuine, high-quality comments.

  1. PBN Backlinks

As a souvenir of the last 2010s, PBN backlinks are created from an unauthentic network of websites or blogs. This process is entirely a black hat practice, and you need to keep your distance from it. If a website is found to indulge in this process, Google finds enough evidence to penalize it or even remove it from its search results based on the intensity of spam involved.

  1. Free-Tool Backlinks

Sometimes giving a useful tool free can be a potential source for different types of backlinks in SEO. The tool here can be a free version of the software, a donated logbook, or whatever you think is valuable enough. To generate your backlinks, market the free tool with websites with a similar readership to yours using SEO tracking platforms.

  1. Forum backlinks

For the risky types of backlinks in SEO, such as forum backlinks, your options should be narrowed just to those high-quality ones. Make sure you are investing in a genuine forum for your business. Otherwise, you may have to pay the punishment for your decision. Attempts to spam links on these venues may have an effect opposite to what is intended.

  1. Acknowledgment Backlinks

As one of the ordinary types of backlinks, many websites often publish acknowledgments when a brand makes a donation or sponsors an industry event, and this can be an effective strategy for creating some backlinks for themselves. You can use some SEO tools specialized in recognizing where your competitors earn their backlinks in order to make your own plan.

  1. Outreach Backlinks

This is a kind of technique that needs a high mutual connection and relationship with your niche-specific bloggers. How to do that? You manually reach out to your rivals or other website owners and substantiate why they have to build backlinks from their site to yours.

  1. Backlinks in Business Profiles

As you view different business profiles while you are on LinkedIn or similar hubs, you may be shocked by the broad spectrum of types of backlinks these guys have inserted into their folders. When you set up digital profiles for your business, social networks, or industry directories, you usually have the option to link to your website for free.

Best backlinking websites

For the best types of backlinks in SEO, there is also an excellent hub to be gathered in. if you want to get familiar with those nice backlink types for your mission, these websites can be pleasant places to start searching them;

  1. SourceBottle
  • Backlink type: do-follow
  • Although SourceBottle is mainly targeted at those in New Zealand and Australia, any user can get their daily share from it.
  1. Tumblr
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • A great resource for no-follow backlinks, traffic, and community building.
  1. MyBlogU
  • Backlink type: do-follow
  • A nice place for bloggers, journalists, and writers
  1. Quora
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • Although it is a popular location for Googlers looking to have questions answered, you can use its massive traffic for your SEO purposes.
  1. HARO
  • Backlink type: do-follow/no-follow
  • With HARO, you can pick the most relevant queries and backlinks every day through email.
  1. GrowthHackers
  • Backlink type: do-follow
  • This is an excellent place for original content sharing!!!
  1. DeviantArt
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • There is honestly no SEO backlink on DevianArt, but still, you can get some original traffic for your website.
  1. Business 2 Community
  • Backlink type: do-follow
  • A great content-based community for business resources.
  1. SoundCloud
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • If you have a precious podcast to share, come and publish it on SoundCloud!!!
  1. Medium
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • Just put your content on Medium, and you will see the tremendous results by being accessed through Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  1. SocialSpark
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • The most top-brand types of backlinks are waiting for you on SocialSpark; sorry for the do-follow ones!!!
  1. Growth Hub
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • This is a place where you can share, syndicate, or post content about growth hacking, SEO techniques, and content marketing.
  • Backlink type: do-follow
  • is a lovely and simple website with a user-friendly environment.
  1. LinkedIn
  • Backlink type: no-follow
  • Although all backlinks here are no-follow, there is still a solid environment to put your content and website in front of many eyes.
  1. BizSugar
  • Backlink type: do-follow
  • You can get your brilliant backlinks coming from the future, as well as a cozy place for sharing and syndicating content.


That is it. We try to provide essential information about various types of backlinks in SEO and how to use them as a typical SEO writer. To get more exciting ideas about creating several backlink types for your blogs, you can visit the environments advised in our “best backlinking websites” list and make a short-term agreement to evaluate the results and the search engine analysis.

So why are you still here? Go out and make some backlink-purified content!!!


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