Top 30 posting and guest posting services to use 2022

The world of internet association is a golden opportunity to earn money and fame simultaneously. Why is that? More than 400 million people read over 25 billion web pages every month, more than 500 million blogs post billions of their content on the servers, and even some users rely on the internet-based data for their job and career promotion. As a result, the internet and its associated tools can be considered the gate of heaven for some business people.

A lot of ways are available for the people trying to see their website in a better condition compared to their rivals, including solid advertisement programs, performing some sessions in the clubhouse, and signing cooperation contracts with peer companies. This post will show you the lantern to find the island of knowledge in the middle of the curiosity ocean;

  • What is posting or guest posting services?
  • What do we expect from posting services?
  • Is a posting service safe in terms of SEO?
  • What are the paid guest posting services?
  • The top 30 posting services for free commenting

What are guest posting services?

Literally speaking, the oxygen which your business’s lungs use to breathe is your web traffic. To make a fresher atmosphere for your business, there are some free (and also paid versions) posting services where you have enough room to connect with your readers and bring more traffic to your main website.

In a posting service, you have a reputable and legitimate way to get high-quality links to direct users back to your platform, including publishing your articles on another website, using referral backlinks, and getting your keywords to get a higher ranking on search engines.

posting services

Is guest posting safe in SEO?

Are guest post services safe in SEO? The answer is yes. For many years, some experts have believed that guest posting is dead, especially after Google finds the practice violates its guidelines. Furthermore, Matt Cutts—the former head of Google’s Web Spam Team— declared that people should stop getting backlinks with the help of post services. In other words, Cutts considered guest blogging a “bloody and spammy” way of increasing web traffic.

Matt Cutts’s war declaration also has some observational circumstances, and Google penalized MyBlogGuest, one of the largest guest blogging platforms, in March of 2014. Ann Smarty, the owner of MyBlogGuest, claimed that they noticed their sites drop down in search engine rankings after MyGuestBlog was hit by Google.

So, why should we still rely on a guest posting service despite the mentioned Google threats? The answer is simple; it still works.

The hidden point in Cutts’s speech was the reason why Google hates the principle of getting backlinks from a guest posting service, which is terrible SEO practice. But there is no reason to panic for those who submit guest blogs in good faith.

All you need to do now is to find a legitimate guest posting service that is acceptable in terms of pure SEO techniques and not those that gray hat hackers recommend. More after that, you should start guest blogging on sites with high domain authority. You also have to submit high-quality content.

What is paid guest posting?

Another type of guest posting service available on your web searches has a different return mechanism compared to traditional ones. In paid guest posting services, the guest writer sends a post to the website, and that website pays you in return for contributing content on their site. This is something different from link buying, so do not mix it; in link buying, you pay to the linking site, whereas you are “getting paid” by the paid posting services according to your sent content.

In a paid guest posting service environment, you are not going to sell or buy links or even exchange anything. In this case, you are here to improve your SEO skills, establish yourself as an industry expert, and develop authority and credibility among the targeted audience.

How does a paid guest posting service work? Paid guest posting services try to bring the best results for any business through guest posting efforts. To choose an applicable paid guest posting service, you should take care of these tips;

  1. Find a relevant and reliable blog
  2. Make a list of goals you are dreaming of getting from a paid guest posting service
  3. Choose the best blogging opportunities
  4. Read the guidelines to send a proposal
  5. Send the proposal based on the concerned criteria
  6. You are ready to send your guest posts!!!

What to expect from the posting services?

Guest posting services differ in quality level and additional posting tools, so you need to draw an SEO guest blogging strategy for yourself to choose the best posting service. What to notice when we want to select a guest posting platform?

  1. Domain Authority: as a grading system that measures how well a site is likely to rank on SERPs, you have to pay attention to this parameter to increase DA. Research the DA of the sites where you want to publish your guest post.
  2. Brand Awareness: guest posting on top and well-recognized websites allow your brand to be seen and brings about Awareness to readers, which will create a new wave of organic traffic for your website.
  3. Lead Generation: when you have a novice and useful post on another website, readers will recognize you as a trusted source and carry on to your website.

What are the top 15 posting services?

A great guest post needs a great guest posting service to be published. As we have learned from Mother Nature, not all candidate habitats are deserved to be “the best,” so we have to narrow the options we have to choose from. Now let’s have a look at what we have in the called “top 15 posting services” list here;


As one of the most excellent guest posting services, is full of innovative tools and options to compose the best guest post in your life. is a free and useful posting service for new writers. However, you can enjoy the most customizable tools, including professional editing of all content, a dedicated client success manager, and SEO editing for optimal search performance with paying 999$ per month.

posting services


  • writers provide high-quality content compared to its less expensive opponents.
  • You can give the mission of writing different types of texts (like press releases and interview transcriptions) to
  1. AAM Consultants

Since making powerful backlinks is a complex task and requires a lot of effort, AAM Consultants is here to help you. They build your requested backlinks by publishing content on relevant and high-authority websites, with a professional support team throughout the process.


  • They are providing high organic traffic for customers.
  • Great customer support with useful SEO advice.
  1. Web Digital Marketing

This Indian white-label digital agency and guest posting service create a marketing strategy specific to your business. They use designs coded with today’s modern technologies and position you as a leader in your market. You can get links from Web Digital Marketing for only 2$ per link. You can get a link for one dollar from social bookmarks, and a guest post would cost you 50$ per link.


  • One of the best SEO content strategies belongs to this website.
  • Fast customer response system
  1. WhenIPost

Are you looking for a guest posting service with authoritative resources and blogs? WhenIPost is an integrated approach to solving your problems. This is a place to make your content from creation to the posting level, as well as a customizable option to get a high ranking easily.


  • A great environment with a high reporting system; the client is notified as soon as a post is posted.
  • High quality is the primary in WhenIPost.
  1. Adsy

As a kind of innovation, Adsy has gathered publishers and buyers to help them reach a new level of business greatness, which can be a good solution. You only need to sign up to your account on the website to increase your rankings, also grow brand awareness, or get paid posting content on your site.


  • You can get regular payouts and prompt support.
  • You have the ability to buy affordable guest posts with do follow links
  1. SEO Export Solutions

This is the hub of powerful backlinks, where you can find quality blogger outreach services and more. They also have a response mechanism in which all request emails will be answered in less than 24 hours. Its website is organically visited 114 times each month, and its Domain Rating is 36.


  • High SEO link building for different types of customers.
  • Extensive customer support with a high-speed response.
  1. Submit Core

No one can guarantee the quality of the posting service you get from them as well as a high success rate, except for Submit Core. They have witnessed the development of SEO skills and technology and imbued what they learned through their operations experience. Pricing will start with DA 10+ websites costing you $50, or you can try a DA 50+ resource with a $320 price tag.


  • Competitive packages with low prices.
  • You can purchase links one-by-one right from the website.
  1. Quantum Labs

Founded in March 2009 by Yasir Khan, Quantum Labs can beat all the posting services you have seen since birth. They do their job by guest posting and have a directory of websites that are open to receive submissions. The minimal budget you need to work with Quantum Labs is 1500$ per month.


  • A website with massive quantum SEO techniques
  • High response speed
  1. Page One Power

For a person looking for custom link building and guest posting services, Page One Power can be on top of them. They work with mom-and-pop shops all the way up to world-class companies and brands, securing evergreen links that drive meaningful, sustainable results. Page One Power’s pricing policy starts at 3500$ per month.


  • Affordable pricing policy
  • The website has 67 DR along with 4,800 organic visitors per month.
  1. Webris

Are you ready to stay one step ahead of the game? Then Webris is the company you need to cooperate with. They efficiently use time, budget, and personnel in creating and testing tactics, ensuring their ability to get results for their business clients. The price for Webris starts at 1000$ per month.


  • They have an efficient process of SEO content production.
  • Extensive customer support service.
  1. Cube Digital

You may see thousands of guest posting services working with low-quality websites and no output at the end. Well, Cube Digital has a process for discarding low-quality sites and keeping only sites with good metrics. They manually visit every website to approve suitability, find the correct name, send an email to contact, and then test the validity of the email address.


  • High-quality content production is their primary.
  • You will get rid of useless websites while working with Cube Digital.
  1. Mi Guestpost

This is a nice chance to find a posting service like MI GuestPost and build a strong relationship with the audience through content publishing. With a team of qualified writers and content providers on call for your agency, you can build your successful business and woo your own clients by MI GuestPost.


  • High 6-hour response speed
  • Innovative link-building tactics
  1. Linkologists

As you get from the title, here we have professional experts or “linkologists” who use data, experience, and bulk of creativity to build links that feed your SEO machine. Their pricing plans are pretty unique; the prices start at $90 per link for the DA-only package and $110 per link for the M-Flux.


  • Extremely high response speed
  • You can monitor search engine results pages and interpret Google updates with this platform.
  1. NO-BS

NO-BS is an Australian posting service in Melbourne that has been delivering quality link-building services for loyal clients right across the world. They have a professional team ready to understand the demands of this industry, and you will get the best guest posting service you have experienced until now.


  • Large-scale client population with custom posting tools.
  • NO-BS contains a self-service platform with an extremely intuitive dashboard.
  1. Blog Dash

Many people may have heard about Blog Dash, primarily because of its campaign complete services for an affordable fee. Blog Dash offers bloggers and guest writers an outreach list of services to connect you with writers and content creators in your field and obtain guest blogging opportunities to grow your brand.

Blog Dash is free for newbie writers all over the world. But for more fantastic writing equipment, you need to purchase the premium plan, which only costs $199 per month.


  • They are able to provide both self-service and managed service products.
  • Many known companies like Forbes, MOZ, and Social Media Today are working with Blog Dash.

What are the top 15 guest posting services?

There are plenty of guest posting services for you guys on the global web; unfortunately, you will not live for 200 years to examine all of them. Here, we have listed the top 15 guest posting services for your SEO content improvement;

  1. Niche Website Builders

The website we have here is constantly building their own portfolio and only offers links they have tested themselves and used so that you can trust them without worry. Furthermore, they use a unique outreach process that has built relationships and partnerships with hundreds of website owners, giving you the benefits of these partnerships by allowing you to select your own links and anchors.

Main tips

  • There is no duplicated link on Niche Website Builders
  • You have a placement approval option that allows you pre-approve all your placements.
  1. The Hoth

The word “HOTH” is an acronym for Hittem Over The Head, so you are here to hit your goals with your head!!! HOTH offers over 20 different free tools, such as SEO and PPC, which make your SEO research much more accessible. The pricing packages on this server can be as low as 100$ for DA10+ to $447 for DA30+.

Main tips

  • You can learn valuable tips and tricks about navigating digital marketing from the support team.
  • After the publication of your post, you will get a 100% white label available for you to use.
  1. Rhino Rank

Yeah, why not? This is a bank of high-quality blogs, content, and friendly customer support to publish your posts in challenging markets. They give you complete Power to decide your own link-building campaign, as well as your own anchor texts and niches.

Main tips

  • You will get a full report sent to your email showing all the link placements they have secured for you.
  • You have enough flexibility to choose your favorite anchors and URLs on Rhino Bank.
  1. Fat Joe

They began their life in 2012, but in my opinion, they are one of the best guest posting services you can find on the planet. Unrivaled customer support is a trait they pride themselves in, with a record of attending to over 90% of customer emails within a few hours. The pricings are also competitive; you can get a DA10 package for only 35£, or pay 360£ for DA50+ websites.

Main tips

  • There is no contract on Fat Joe; you can control what you need and when you need it.
  • On both manual and software-based, they are able to complete services in a very short time.
  1. BibiBuzz

They started their journey with a lone SEO, giving clients personalized services. But now, they provide a large-scale audience with a bulky website database. BibiBuzz pricing plan includes everything from content to publishing, and they only have 10 live links per month.

Main tips

  • They believe transparency and accountability are key features, especially during outreach.
  • BibiBuzz is proud of thoroughly analyzing many of your competitors’ backlink profiles.
  1. One Little Web

One Little Web can be considered as one of our top recommendations for those guys looking for a posting service. This is a reliable source for authoritative backlinks that rank, with total control over the quality of the backlinks

Main tips

  • Guaranteed backlinks with high organic traffic.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not still satisfied with their service.
  1. Forward Linking

Are you looking for significant brand exposure in your business? Then why not choose Forward Linking? This is the environment where you can build your fame, authenticity, and credibility by using their white-hat strategy.

With Forward Linking, you have three high sides, but positively guaranteed pricing packages, and the website claims that you will meet no PBNs and no database of webpages but genuine outreach to sites with traffic. The packages are;

  1. DR 30+ with the fee of 195£
  2. DR 40+ with the payment of 315£
  3. And DR 50+ by paying only 430£

All packages have a 3-4 week delivery period.

Main tips

  • Forward linking has a bespoke service that can bring the best SEO results for you, regardless of the cost you pay for it.
  • This posting service is famous for its high customizable guest blogging and ROI-focused service.
  1. Outreach Mama

Although they are a small company with a few employees, they have provided over 3000 links and over 10000 websites. Outreach Mama promises to deliver guest posts that only appear on high-quality blogs, to which they deliver on this premium quality promise. Pricing packages from Outreach Mama are available when you sign up to their dashboard, or you could email a request.

Main tips

  • They will send you updated reports every Friday on the progress of your orders.
  • Your dashboard is user-friendly, and any updates or changes are mailed directly to your email inbox.
  1. Gloc Media

The guest posting service in front of you is focused on quality rather than on quantity: their manual link-building campaigns are designed to ensure your site will steadily improve rankings while meeting search engines’ standards and policies. Although their most popular package is £749 per month, you can choose the less expensive one with only 250€/100 sites

Main tips

  • Affordable prices and practical posting tools
  • They can produce professional content to place on third-party niche blogs.
  1. Loganix

By providing guest post outreach service for over 6000 clients, Loganix can be a nice guest posting service option. All you need to do is let their team carefully review your site, decide on the best website to place your guest post on, and perform a manual quality check on published content.

Main tips

  • High-quality content sharing system
  • Affordable pricing to access custom posting equipment
  1. Outreach Z

With more than a decade of experience with invite-only clients, Outreach Z is one of those posting services that has enough power to bring a smile to your lips. Outreach Z has more than 15000 blogger connections across 20+ niches, and you have four weeks as the turnaround time.

Main tips

  • A 12-month guarantee which offers you to get your money back if publications are not successful.
  • It has a high turnaround period.
  1. Smash Digital

The best posting services are those thinking outside the box, and so does Smash Digital. They generally don’t accept the status quo without supporting evidence. In fact, they absolutely believe that half of the widespread accepted SEO knowledge is wrong, full of propaganda, and actually hurts web admins. Their pricing policy starts with $600 per link. However, links from lower-DR websites would be less expensive.

Main tips

  • A beautiful posting service with high organic visitors
  • High response speed
  1. Outreach Pete

When we talk about a nice posting service, we are actually dreaming of Outreach Pete, with lots of options and opportunities. The motto of Outreach Pete is to build links that drive results while keeping clients safe whenever Google updates its algorithms. You can also merge your website to high rankings with no problem on Outreach Pete.

Three pricing packages are available for followers; a medium 99.00$ package (DA20-34) for smaller companies, a 170.00$ high package (DA35-44) for higher replacements, and the platinum package (DA45+) for more established sites, which you have to pay 240 USD for that.

Main tips

  • This is a website with high turnaround times and solid databases.
  • All websites you can find in Outreach Pete are organic traffic, not PBNs or shady ones.
  1. is the digital marketing team and a leader in SEO link building. By handpicking the best fit for their business from Shortlist’s specialists, they can personally build their own outsourced digital marketing customized for your business.

Main tips

  • Excellent SEO content production and sharing
  • They can also accept web design and development missions according to your interest.
  1. Zoom Wings

Zoom Wings is one of our most fabulous posting services options; We have many years of experience in the field of guest posting services and blogger outreach as a part of digital marketing or internet marketing. They believe in delivering the best quality work that gives the output for the long term with their user-friendly web pages.

Main tips

  • Powerful tactics to improve your SEO skills.
  • The speed of response is extremely high; the maximum reaction time is 8 hours.


Is working with posting services safe? The answer is affirmative as long as you have the high-domain authority websites on your bookmarks list. Once people get their backlinks from low-quality sites and use tactics that go against Google’s guidelines, they will get penalized once caught.

How to find reliable posting services for our SEO content? Just scroll the lists of top guest posting services provided above and make sure there is a balance between what you get from the selected platform and the amount of money you are going to pay for that. For more information about each posting service, go to your web browser and figure out what they have on their offer list on their main web pages!!!


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