Best Way To Buy Backlink 2022: Where And How?

You may have seen those people trying to complete a task with full vigor, but it seems like they are just trying to drink water with a colander. The manner is the same when you decide to promote your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking independently and without utilizing any backlink.

So how can we have a backlink for ourselves? These questions are going to be answered in this article;

  • Buy backlink; what does it mean?
  • Why do people buy backlink?
  • The cost of buying a backlink
  • How to buy PBN backlink?
  • The best sites to buy PBN backlink

What do buying backlinks mean?

A backlink officially is a link back to your site from another website, so buy backlink is a process of making an agreement to have these links on the websites which you do not own.

To buy backlink, we may decide to choose one of these methods;

  • Writing paid guest posts
  • Have paid directory listings
  • Buying Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  • Getting paid link insertions

Why do people buy backlink?

Typically, we buy backlink to increase the ranking of our own websites within search engines like Chrome and Firefox. These digital bridges are a valuable commodity because the weight of inserted backlinks pointing to a website is a primary ranking factor, especially for search engines like Google Chrome.

Why should we buy backlink? Backlinks are helpful at:

  1. Getting better search ranking.
  2. Receive organic traffic.
  3. Business promotion and branding.
  4. Build authority and profitable relationships.
  5. Reaching your SEO goals much quicker than before.
  6. Increase your SEO rankings faster due to their effectiveness.

How much does it cost to buy backlink?

The cost of the backlink you want to purchase is a multi-factorial issue that strongly depends on the niche you have chosen. As a result, the range of backlink costs can surprisingly be extensive, from 100$ to as much as 22,000$.

How can I buy backlink?

Now you seem you have enough evidence to buy backlink for your SEO content, let’s go a step further and see how we can buy backlink without not facing any of those Google troubles. Before anything, take these two pieces of advice as an obligation in your business;

There are hundreds of websites offering you to buy backlink from their platforms. Believe me or not, most of the backlinks they are offering are toxic with spam content that does more harm than good.

Don’t even try to buy PBN backlink or any other similar link selling processes if you want to remain alive on the internet. If they can detect them, Google will slap these paid links really hard.

Okay. Once we know the technical pits which can make us stand against the Google SEO guidelines, we should now draw a list of criteria to find the safe ways to buy backlink. Honestly speaking, any form of link buying for the purpose of manipulating ranking results has some degree of risk. Still, the level of the risk you accept can be at its lowest point if you make your decisions cleverly.

How to buy backlink safely, and where should you go to buy it? Make sure the website you choose for link buying has these features;

  1. First, it should be relevant to the target URL you are linking to.
  2. The website should contain valuable content, not content produced only for SEO purposes.
  3. It is a legit website and not part of a vendor network or PBN.
  4. The website you choose should be in a reputable neighborhood. I mean, it should not be linked to authoritative sites in your niche and definitely have no pills, porn, or gambling links on its pages.
  5. The website must have no mention of selling links ridiculously “anywhere” Google could find it

Buy PBN backlink

Buying Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are the souvenirs of the third era of web link buying (from the Late 2000s to 2012). This is the time when many young and old bloggers have entered the competition and are now trying to beat each other with any effective or even illegal tools they have access to.

Note that PBNs are created only for one thing; building links that manipulate the PageRank algorithm. As a result, you have to pay more attention to what you are spending money for it when managing to buy PBN backlink.

A PBN is essentially a set of websites you use to link out from to improve the rankings of your specific domain. In most cases, these websites are not one of those genuine ones and are populated with garbage content and receive little organic traffic. As mentioned before, the PBN boom of the late 2000s came about just because of the craziness of creating high-PR backlinks, even if they had very low quality in those days.

Furthermore, at that time, it didn’t seem to matter if the PBN backlinks you had were even relevant or if the quality of the content was proper. The only matter of interest was to have (or buy) as many PBN backlinks as you can in order to have your target website taken over the SERPs. This trend began to be ceased when Google released the Penguin algorithm update and started to penalize popular PBNs like “Build My Rank.”

What are the best websites to buy backlink?

Similar to purchasing a new car for your garage, you have to consider several parameters when buying backlink, such as the price, the power of authority, and more. We all are crazy for fresh and organic traffic to be driven to our websites, so I have listed the ten best websites to buy PBN backlink for you here;

  1. One Little Web

The first item on our list is One Little Web, which is designed for white hat link building and is famous for its client-centered services. With One Little Web, you have complete control over the quality of backlinks and have a transparent work process. You can also enjoy receiving guaranteed organic traffic with secure backlinks from reliable sources, having multiple choices for approving or disapproving a specific domain, and getting a helping hand for writing long texts with accurate research and plagiarism-free content.

  1. WickedFire

One of those appealing destinations for all kinds of work done in the SEO and Digital Marketing Industry. WickedFire provides the expertise of content writers, link builders, and any person you need to have powerful backlinks for your website, as one of the oldest SEO forums has been in use since 2011. You can also hire some experts to create web 2.0 properties or for article submission with the help of WickedFire.

  1. Black Hat World

This is one of the Jeff Bezos-founded companies working since 2004 for users who are getting ready to buy PBN backlink. From the first day, Black Hat World has been a link-building website focused on black-hat search engine optimization skills and services, often known as spamdexing. They also have enough expertise in copywriting, graphic designing, social media marketing, and on-page and off-page optimization.

  1. Loganix

Founded by Nick Eubanks, Digital Strategist, and Entrepreneur, Loganix is a great environment to buy backlink. Loganix offers secured good-quality backlinks with organic traffic from genuine websites, so you just have to rest with a cup of coffee. They have a premium range of quality backlinks, while the price they charge is a bit expensive if you compare them with the rest websites mentioned here.

  1. Authority Builders

If you are thinking of cooperating with a professional in SEO link building, Authority Builders can be a priority option. Created and managed by Matt Diggity, Authority Builders mainly focuses on providing a detailed list of websites. It has incredible options to choose your niche and provides a suggested list of domains based on different criteria, such as Domain Authority, with estimated traffic driven to your website.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a hub that provides a huge variety of freelancers to hire from. Although this is not specifically designed for making backlinks, it can meet most of your demands about the decision to buy backlink. As a piece of bad news, buying backlinks on Upwork is a little bit more expensive because you hire freelancers to do the work.

  1. Backlinks Rocket

Working with Backlinks Rocket is very simple; you just need to choose the campaign, enter the URL and your keywords, then fill out the form and move to the payment. If you are looking for more services, Backlinks Rocket can also help you gain the advantage of social media. It will help your website achieve a good Alexa Ranking, and there will be an enhancement in the number of visitors. Backlinks Rocket offers a various range of pricing plans, from the basic services to the ultimate ones.

  1. Warrior Forum

This is another nice link builder we have on this list, founded by Clifton Allen in 1997. Warrior Forum has many SEO services for your websites, including top and manual backlinks, SEO writing techniques tutorials, hiring experts at affordable rates, and even more. If you are unsatisfied with the backlinks you purchase, Warrior Forum is equipped with a money-back guarantee, so most steps of the running process can be reversed.


Almost the only Russian link-building website on our list. is here to rocket your business with its massive database. It has a simple working model which gets started with an account created on its website, payment of the amount, and creating a new project. Then you can add the site that you want to promote and add anchors and texts.

  1. Links Management

Links Management is founded to give special backlink services to users all over the world, regardless of living in the UK, Spain, or in the middle of the Sahara desert. It is specialized in providing backlinks with DA40- 100 backlinks. By Links Management, you are free to use the SEO expert tool with free SEO Campaign Management software, get high-quality backlinks with multiple legit sources, and benefit from the free SEO cost calculator tool.

Are backlinks worth in 2022?

If you are at all interested in link building, you should have been notified that backlinks still matter in 2022. In fact, we need backlinks because we can’t rank without them. However, experts tell us every year that backlinks are going to matter less and less because of Google’s Rankbrain algorithm that takes them down, or Google has started to focus more on its own favored content since 2011.

But, what will happen if there are no backlinks on our website?

  1. Average time spent on a website

Average time on page is a robust internal metric. It lets you know if you need to tweak your content or make some changes to your web design. But imagine one day Google decides to take the average time a user spends on a page as its main ranking factor. In this case, the pages that multiple people have left their browsers on while they are doing their daily tasks will win the game.

  1. CTR (Click Through Rate)

You know that Google still considers CTR as one of its indirect ranking signals for scoring web pages. In fact, it is one of the hidden internal metrics. Paying attention to CTR may help you get rid of the process of buy backlink, but never think that it is going to replace backlinks as a ranking factor any time soon. Fortunately, Click Through Rate is not Google’s defining search ranking metric; otherwise, spam websites would be at the top of the SERPs

  1. Website speed

Although Google doesn’t rank pages based on site speed alone, it is an extensive parameter for your visitors, especially for those impatient hasteners. If it did, the SERPs would be full of text-only pages. Website speed has to factor into Google’s ranking decisions, but definitely, it is not going to take the backlinks’ place or be preferred.

  1. Technical SEO

Remember that all of the elements under the umbrella of on-page SEO come together to form an important ranking factor. This means backlinks are still an essential part of giant websites’ search strategy, and nobody can deny it at this moment (maybe it is feasible a couple of years later)

Google’s Stance on Link Buying

Most SEO experts may tell you that Google is the bloody enemy of paid links and PBN backlinks, so it makes you terrified. I should tell you that this is a big lie. Unlike the sentences you have heard, Google points out that paid links are a “normal part of the economy of the web.”

So why has Google made this equivocal presentation? The point that most people may forget is that Google is in opposition to buying links for the specific purpose of passing PageRank, including black hat SEO techniques and associated issues. In other words, buying or selling backlinks to manipulate search engine rankings is completely forbidden from Google’s guidelines, a phenomenon which they call “Link Schemes.”

Suppose you want to buy PBN backlink; which actions will make Google servers angry and convinced to sentence you with a penalty?

  • Excessive link exchanges, like trying to get a backlink instead of making a backlink for that guy.
  • Using automated programs and bots to create links that point to your site.
  • Exchanging any kinds of currencies, goods, or services for a backlink that passes PageRank.
  • Asking for a backlink as part of a Terms of Service or contractual arrangement.

And even more.


Thank you for reading. If you are still indecisive to buy backlink or not, you should know that almost all of your opponents have done the mission at least once in their lives, and getting no backlinks on your website will take you a step or two behind them.

Do you want to buy PBN backlink? We don’t recommend that, especially when we have dozens of legal websites providing SEO services to get organic traffic and are not even near getting a penalty from Google.

How to buy backlink? Ensure you have obeyed all the rules I have told you about Google Penguin and PBNs. If yes, then just choose one of the listed websites on the board and buy backlink!!!


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